Consultation Fees

Naturopathic Services

Natalie offers email consultations for £75.00 with follow up Skype calls if necessary.

Online Clients

Firstly you will need to pay the online consutation fee above and then download and fill out a small consultation form. Then attach it to an email and send it to Then Natalie can gain a fuller picture of your past health history, and will send you an email with your diagnosis and a treatment programme for a full recovery.

Follow up consultation includes either a face-to-face meeting with Natalie or 5 correspondence emails. £55.00

1 month Detox Package £240 - a saving of £55!

Including unlimited email communication and instructions on the following with some diet ideas:

  • 5 day kidney cleanse
  • 5 day liver and gallbladder cleanse
  • Colon cleanse.
  • Candida cleanse/parasite cleanse.
  • Supplements not included in price.

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    Speaking Engagements and Lecturing: Book Natalie to speak at your business, college, social gathering, event or church to discuss any health topic or disease of your choice, for example; high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, raw living foods, ways to improve your diet, manage your health, and ultimately prevent illness and disease. Please contact Natalie for further information.