5 day water fast package: From Sunday to Friday. Water for 5 days and fruit breakfast on the last day to your break you fast.

  • Personal one to one supervision from Naturopath Natalie Sen.
  • Naturopathic Consultation.
  • Beautiful views of the Spanish Mediterranean.
  • Time for self and rest to unwind de-stress in a peaceful beautiful environment.


Please click HERE to download the "FASTING CLIENTS CONSULTATION FORM" in Word. You will need to fill this out and email it back to Natalie before attending the detox retreat.

What Is Fasting All About?

The true meaning of the word fast, is to abstain from all foods. Fasting is not juicing. Juice is a form of food which is liquidised, but is not total abstinence from food for a defined period of time. The word "fast" is an old English word which means "fixed", or "firm". So a fast is something we hold to on a firm basis under controlled and fixed conditions.

What does a water fast actually do, and what is its purpose?

It simply provides your body the opportunity to heal, rest, detoxify, and repair itself.

Does fasting cure?

No. Most definitely not. But while fasting on water only, you are taking away the cause of the disease, leaving your body with vital energy, that is normally taken up and distracted by tasks such as digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination; not to mention other activities that drain our energy from the body, such as stress, work, talking etc. These are all highly enervating.

What determines a successful fast?

The success of a fast is as dependent upon the person discontinuing the daily tasks, and abandoning distressing thoughts and resting, as it is on rest from food intake. A successful fast also depends on breaking the fast correctly. The length of your fast should be almost equal to the length of time you break your fast. That is to say if you fast for ten days, you should spend 7 or 8 days weaning yourself slowly back; from juicing, to raw food, to steamed and then your normal, healthy diet. The reason for this is that the stomach has shrunk dramatically during your fast, and cannot digest solid food; which can be dangerous. You can undo all the good you have done during your fast.

Fasting can bring about a renewal of the body; a revitalisation of the organism. As the fast progresses, all cells of the body undergo refinement and there is a removal from the protoplasm of the cells of stored, foreign substances (toxins), so that the cells become more youthful and function more efficiently. Some of these stored materials are highly toxic and have long remained in fatty cells, and in the cells' connective tissue, which have been the dumping ground of the body. Distilled water is the only achievable way for the body to go into a fast. Normal spring and mineral water contain minerals which feed the body, so in effect you are not fasting, or abstaining from all food.

Fasting is most helpful for those facing a major health crisis or undergoing medical treatments which involve a significant risk of side effects. It is most important to fast under the care of a physician trained in fasting. You will find most medical doctors do not have this training, although a small minority will. This form of treatment is much safer and more effective than conventional medicine. This is because the traditional medical approach of treating the symptoms of disease with medicine and surgery, does not remove the cause. Left unchecked, such causes will continue to harm the patient in time to come. By contrast, the therapeutic fast followed by a healthy lifestyle will remove the cause of the disease and can dramatically accelerate the healing process.

The public, media and even our MD's often harbour a distorted idea of fasting. There are no scientific grounds for this 'fear-based' prejudice. It is just misinformation or complete lack of it. Fasting is an effective and un-costly approach to health care, that has a beneficial effect for thousands of people with various health problems and diseases.

Nothing in this website constitutes medical treatment or advice of any nature, furthermore as every person responds differently to fasting, it is strongly advised that any person wanting to fast, even for a short duration, should consult Natalie or a physician experienced in fasting. Some Naturopaths and Hygienic physicians who have training in fasting.

Natalie was trained by Keiki Sidhwa in the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London, England, and was privy to his expertise at his home when she undertook her own long water fast under his supervision. Keiki Sidhwa had the privilege of training under the late Dr. Herbert Shelton. Both doctors ran their own fasting sanitariums, returning thousands of patients back to good health.