Juice Fast and Weight Loss Retreat

On the stunning Spanish Mediterranean. £850.00 per person for 6 nights.

  • Personal one to one supervision from Naturopath Natalie Sen.
  • Herbs for bowel cleanse, liver and gall bladder cleanse and kidney cleanse.
  • Naturopathic Consultation.
  • Beautiful views of the Spanish Mediterranean.
  • Home-made, fresh juices (can be organic) for £50.00.
  • Time for self and rest to unwind de-stress in a peaceful beautiful environment.

To make an enquiry about booking a retreat, click here.

Please click HERE to download the "FASTING CLIENTS CONSULTATION FORM" in Word. You will need to fill this out and email it back to Natalie before attending the detox retreat.


"For a while I was feeling low on extra energy that I needed to do all my hobbies and drinking coffee wasn't helping much. Also, not being able to shed extra weight in the city environment, have led me to seriously consider a thorough detox somewhere in a stress-free space. That's where I stumbled on Natalie's website and, after contacting her, quickly arranged 5 nights juicing programme for the dates I had available.

I must say it was the best decision I've done in years. The accommodation was beautiful and comfortable, all juices were tasty and there were plenty of them so I didn't go hungry during the day. I had daily walks in the stunning Welsh countryside and lots of rest at the retreat with continuous support from Natalie.

By the end of the programme I've lost 5 kilograms, meanwhile getting all this energy from somewhere which was pretty amazing. I've returned rested, slimmer, feeling clean and totally invigorated. I even keep on losing my extra weight due to the detox and all the knowledge about food and lifestyle that Natalie gave me during my stay. I stick to a raw/vegan diet, don't have any caffeine drinks at all and feel absolutely great with abundance of energy. It was truly a life changing time for me at the rawrecovery and I can't recommend it enough." Victoria from Russia.

Juice Therapy

Many health institutes around the world use juice therapy to bring their patients back to health, many who come to these places with serious diseases like cancer, and some return home to their doctors only to find that they no longer have the disease! Of course I am not suggesting my 6 night juice feast will have those results you would need much longer and a more intensive programme. But you will benefit from an all-round feeling of health old aches and pains may disappear, a great side effect is weight loss and we give you a health sheet that will help you keep the weight off. Digestive problems may disappear and even acute illnesses.

The type of juice you will be given will depend your health condition. Natalie could use anything from wheatgrass to green vegetable juices to fruits. For instance, an anaemic patient would be prescribed wheatgrass and beet juice to help increase their blood count. There is a medical doctor who juice fasts diabetic patients in the US for 90-120 days, and there is good reason for this. Your body, cells and organs renew themselves so the longer you fast, the healthier your body will become. "I have to stress, that short juice fasts of 3 days or so would not require you to consult a doctor." If however you are taking medication then you should consult Natalie, or a MD who is trained and experienced in nutrition and fasting, especially before you do a long water or juice fast which must also always be supervised.