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Detox and Weight Loss Retreat.

Prices for 2019 start from £750.00 per person.

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Welcome to "RawRecovery" to help you achieve optium health in the exclusive Spanish location of Sotogrande.

My approach to wellbeing detox is grounded in Naturopathy which is treating the person as a whole with nutrition, healthy foods, juicing, maybe short fast, natural organ detoxing, bowel cleansing, parasite cleansing, heavy metal and toxin ellimination and showing you how to implement a balanced lifestyle. These are our foundations of success here at the RawRecovery Retreat.

Nutrition should not be complex. It shouldn't claim miracles or mysticism but rather should be considered, educational and inspiring. It should be practical and simple for all; from those in the hectic juggle of family life to the career jet-setter.

My focus has always been on getting results. At "RawRecovery" we put in the time to get to know you. We have days rather than minutes to spend together; time to unravel and contemplate how and what you need to start living and feeling fantastic.

Detoxing can mean many things. It can mean losing the weight that you have struggled with for years and adopting a healthy lifestyle or it can mean improving long-standing chronic health problems.

Detox also evokes the sense of taking time out to rejuvenate and rebalance, something that has been part of human life for centuries.

My detox program should be a MUST for everyone at least twice a year! Spring and autumn are the best times for detox due to the mild climate at that time of year. My detox program is designed so that the organs and glands of the body take a much needed rest. On my program throughout the day you will be given fresh juices, elimination clays, enemas or fibre drinks to assist your body to eliminate built up toxins. Included in the nutritional juices will be superfoods such as chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina to rebuild the bloodstream. Remember the bloodstream feeds all the organs and cells of the body. It also carries away waste products. It is a fact that the immune system functions poorly when the human body is toxic. The common cold and flu is your body's way of trying to eliminate toxins. So if you suffer a cold or flu every year, you definitely have a lower immunity and are well over due a detox.

I look forward in helping you feel amazing!

Natalie Sen N.D

Detox Testimonial

"After months of feeling tired and ill, with my blood pressure at a record high and grinding stomach ache I happened to see Natalie's website and contacted her. The instant response was so positive - we can deal with this. That in itself was such a comfort! After following Natalie's advice on diet and supplements and doing a colon and liver cleanse I very quickly felt like a new me! Loads of energy - a positive feeling of being well - something I hadn't felt for a very long time. Within a few weeks my blood pressure had dropped and the stomach ache subsided. I'm still working on a long-term treatment for a full recovery but am immensely pleased with the progress I've made. Thank you so much Natalie. You've made a real difference to my life." Ann from France.

What is a Naturopathic Detoxification?

The famous "Detox Diet" has become a popular lifestyle choice, especially after a period of overindulgence, popularised by newspaper health columns and magazines.

Many may choose to detox to lose weight, adopting radical short-term dietary regimes, but this approach towards detoxification is superficial in its power and depth as a rejuvenating and healing technique. Don't get me wrong, losing excess weight is quite significant and is a welcome side-effect here at RawRecovery Retreat. But primarily we believe that a detox is a proactive approach to preventing illness and giving you a higher quality of everyday life.

Why Join Us At RawRecovery Retreat?

Here at RawRecovery Retreat each day we help you move towards a healthier and happier you. Natalie Sen, your own personal Naturopath, will be at your side whenever you need her. Natalie has helped many people back to health and has gained 10 years experience with many different health problems, dealing also with serious diseases.

RawRecovery Retreat is a place to heal and rest and rejuvenate the whole body. As you probably know Naturopaths treat the whole person and every person is different, so you really wont be disappointed here as you really do get the personal touch.

When To Do A Detox?

You can do a detox at any time of the year, although a change of season or the month after Christmas, are most popular times. But I would say if you have never done a detox before or it's been a long time, then you need one yesterday! A lot of people now use a detox to get in shape physically and mentally for a special occasion such as wedding, a new job or holiday, and it can be used to strengthen your immune system. As I said above the main reason is to prevent disease and illness. If you do a detox now your body has a much better chance of healing illness or disease when your organs are working at peak condition. Detox's done every year can certainly help you look and feel healthier and younger, and ultimately - isn't that what we all want? Don't wait till your body is showing signs of decay and old age or disease, invest in it now!! You will be glad you did.

When Not To Do A Detox?

You should not do a detox if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or if you are taking medication. There are cases when you can, but you should discuss this with your Doctor and Naturopath before booking.

Are There Any Side Effects?

A detox works by helping your body get rid of toxins. Remember, these toxins don't just evaporate or disappear, they have to be eliminated. That's why it is important to open all elimination channels, i.e. with enemas, saunas and special herb baths. These also improve and support organ detoxification. Here at RawRecovery Retreat we try to avoid detox side-effects with our methods, but this doesn't mean that if you were drinking a lot of coffee or tea, you won't get a headache when detoxing from it while on retreat.