Following a search for a supervised fast in the UK, I got in touch with Natalie, and stayed with her for a 5 day water fast. Natalie provided the perfect environment, coaching and resources to support me to achieve exactly what I wanted to. Natalie tailored her professional support, advice and guidance as a Naturopath, to exactly what suited me during my fast. During the fast I felt very supported at every step of my dettox. Natalie provided an extremely professional and informative service during my fast, and gave me the resources to go away and continue to build on what I had learned and gained from my time with her. I have completed various fasts over the last 15 years, both in the UK and abroad. Some fasting retreats are expensive and very structured, providing daily activities and classes. This was not something I required during my fast,and what I really loved about what Natalie offered was that I was able to plan each day as it came, rest when I needed but explore the local areas when I felt like it, and when the weather allowed it!
Becky from Australia.

I found Naturopathic Raw Food Recovery after having some real intestinal digestive problems. I initially went to the Doctors after having digestive problems after eating some food in London. This gave me diahorrea for a few days and after what appeared to be a bladder infection. The GP simply checked my stomach and wanted to give me some drugs. I wasn't happy with these drugs so I tried to deal with the problem myself by fasting and eating mainly vegetables. However it continued to dog me and I searched the interenet for a Christian Naturopath and found Naturopath Raw Food Recovery. I could not go on one of her retreats due to my lifestyle but Natlaie was great and after a consultation with her, it was suggested I go on to take some Parasite cleanse and advised me further. Within a short period of time I felt much better, the discomfort had gone and I was back to normal. I have no hesitation in recommending Naturopathic Raw Food Recovery for anyone in the future.
June Brown from London.

"For a while I was feeling low on extra energy that I needed to do all my hobbies and drinking coffee wasn't helping much. Also, not being able to shed extra weight in the city environment, have led me to seriously consider a thorough detox somewhere in a stress-free space. That's where I stumbled on Natalie's website and, after contacting her, quickly arranged 5 nights juicing programme for the dates I had available.

I must say it was the best decision I've done in years. The accommodation was beautiful and comfortable, all juices were tasty and there were plenty of them so I didn't go hungry during the day. I had daily walks in the stunning Welsh countryside and lots of rest at the retreat with continuous support from Natalie.

By the end of the programme I've lost 5 kilograms, meanwhile getting all this energy from somewhere which was pretty amazing. I've returned rested, slimmer, feeling clean and totally invigorated. I even keep on losing my extra weight due to the detox and all the knowledge about food and lifestyle that Natalie gave me during my stay. I stick to a raw/vegan diet, don't have any caffeine drinks at all and feel absolutely great with abundance of energy. It was truly a life changing time for me at the rawrecovery and I can't recommend it enough."
Victoria from Russia.

"Visiting Natalie has been a life changing experience. My son and I spent 9 days with Natalie, in which time we learnt so much! My son, who was only 13, had his eyes opened to a whole new world regarding what we eat and the things we put in our bodies.

He lost over a stone in 9 days and I lost about 5 kilograms. We have both continued to have serious regard for what we eat.

My son's favourite food used to be pasta which he ate guiltless nearly everyday sometimes. Now he probably allows himself pasta once a week which truly is a life changing experience for him!

I myself have been transformed especially when it comes to what I buy from supermarkets, with virtually no processed foods anymore. I've purchased a juicer and have stacks of veg in the fridge!

Accommodation was set in an idyllic corner of Wales and was simply serene! To add to this, Natalie (and Aaron) were truly the perfect hosts who made our stay extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

We are very grateful to have met Natalie, who is very knowledgeable and who really can help - especially those that want to help themselves!

We have kept in contact with Natalie (and Aaron) who have since become good family friends."
Hesham from London.