Naturopathic medicine can help any health condition but it's strongest area is the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. Many patients come to Naturopaths when conventional treatment cannot help any further. Naturopathic medicine is not for severe, acute traumas such as car accidents, emergencies, child birth and orthopaedic problems requiring surgery, but it can contribute to these cases especially in the recovery phase. In other acute cases such as earache or fever etc., the Naturopath addresses the pain or infection as well as the patients concerns and how these acute conditions may have underlying causes, so diet, lifestyle, stress and occupational hazards are just some of the factors addressed. The Naturopath will usually prescribe a variety of means to deal with any problems.

In chronic cases, the procedure is different. Typically a thorough case history of the patient and details of the symptoms and complaints are taken; lifestyle and diet information are also needed. For any Naturopath it is essential to understand the individual, to discover the cause of disease or illness, and any mental, emotional or spiritual factors. Natalie will never underestimate the power of mood, feelings, beliefs or attitudes in effecting our immune system, nervous system and circulatory system. Other methods of treatment might include counselling and exercise programs.