Online Consultations

Firstly you will need to fill out a small consultation form. Once you have filled it out, please attach it to an email to Natalie at This will allow Natalie to gain a fuller picture of your past health history. She will then be able to identify any condition that has manifested as a illness or disease. Natalie will then email you with further advice, diagnosis and treatment relevant to your condition.

Natalie offers her ONLINE consultations for £75.00.

1 month Detox Package £240 - a saving of £55!

Including unlimited email communication and instructions on the following with some diet ideas:

  • 5 day kidney cleanse
  • 5 day liver and gallbladder cleanse
  • Colon cleanse.
  • Candida cleanse/parasite cleanse.
  • Supplements not included in price.

    "I look forward to sharing your journey back to health with you" Natalie Sen N.D.