Firstly you will need to fill out a small consultation form which can be done during your consultation, but it is better to fill it out prior to your appointment and attach it to an email to Natalie at

Natalie will then advise you as to which methods would be most appropriate for creating a return to health. In order to become free of illness it is often necessary for the patient to make both dietary and lifestyle changes. Depending on the illness an alternative therapy may be offered such as herbal medicine, nutritional agents (such as natural vitamin and mineral supplements without caking agents, preservatives or tonics), supplements to strengthen the immune system, hydrotherapy, Systemic Enzyme therapy, cellular therapy (to allow cells to communicate and for feeding cells), detoxification programs (which help the body to then be more receptive in the uptake of nutrients).

Diet plays a major role in success. A physical examination will be carried out, e.g. blood pressure, lung and breathing ability, eye examination and urine samples can be taken on request if required. Of course, Online Consultation patients may have to go to their local GP if tests are required, but these tests are not always required.

Emotional stress often has to be eased also to allow the digestive system to function in a relaxed manner. Herbal remedies may be prescribed to help support you emotionally. Finally underlying most diseases and illnesses is a spiritual disharmony. This may be felt as a deep feeling of unease or insufficient strength of will to sustain the healing process, and Natalie may be able to help you with this also.

So let Naturopathy be a help to you on your road to health and happiness!