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Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Do you need to improve your home environment? It may help improve and sustain your health and happiness. Your home should be a sanctuary from the outside world, and somewhere where you can relax and unwind, and feel safe, as well as peaceful.

This is the place where you go from a tiring day at work to relax yourself and prepare for the next day. Does your home provide a suitable space for your needs or is it cluttered with things you have not used for over year, and are these things just collecting dust? No matter how little money you may have we can all achieve an airy, clean, pleasant place to live. Maybe clutter is a problem in your life? Do you find yourself unable to part with things, even things you haven't used for over a year? Do you have no room for anything new? Clutter clearing is a method of assessing your possessions and working through your emotional attachments.

What Every Healthy Home Should Have.

Part of a holistic home is good ventilation in each room and with sunshine if possible, bright colours that are uplifting, soft furnishings, a pleasant aroma, fresh flowers and some personal belongings like books and pictures of loved ones; and most importantly - space!

Dangers Under Your Kitchen And Bathroom Sink!

Are you poisoning yourself and your family with your kitchen and bathroom detergents? There are many organic alternatives now in most local super markets. You can also just make you own. Contact me if you would be interested in doing that.

Detox under your kitchen sink and bathroom cabinets. Did you know that many of your regular kitchen and bathroom cleaners are full of toxic poisons that can cause many of today's illnesses, like asthma, psoriasis, eczema, eye irritations, headaches, insomnia and chronic fatigue?

Toxins In Our "Body Care" Products!

Remember, everything we apply to our skin absorbs into our bloodstream and can lodge in our tissues and organs causing various problems, many of which can even contribute to cancer. How do we know this? Well you can see this in action when doctors prescribe HRT or nicotine patches.

Look At The Labels Of The Products You Buy.

Here are some to watch out for: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Mixed with salt it is what makes your products foam. It is a known skin irritant and has been linked to problems with children's eyes and even cataracts. It has been linked with toxic residues in the heart, liver and brain, "The Journal of America Toxicology", Vol. 2, no. 7, 1983. When mixed with other chemicals it can also form compounds such as nitrosamines, which are linked to cancer. Prolonged use is known to cause eczema, especially with children and babies and if you look at some of the most popular products on the market, they all have them.

Beware Of Carcinogens In Our Bathroom Products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is also very often found in shampoos. Other carcinogens include methy aldehyde, a form of formaldehyde chemical you find in new furnishings and non-organic carpets; it creates that strong chemical smell. Some anti-dandruff agents like zinc pyrithione are known to cause muscle weakness, spasms and nervous problems. So go organic and read your labels.

While toothpaste does contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the main ingredient is sodium fluoride; a by-product of the aluminium industry, hence some traces of aluminium can be found. There are many safe options now sold in health food stores for you and your family.

Ladies long term beauty cannot come from moisturizers and wrinkle creams. Eat and juice as much organic fruits and vegetables as you can to help eliminate toxins (free radicals) that cause aging; ironically what they put in both cheap and expensive creams today.

There are even toxins in our moisturizers. Propylene glycol, in concentrated form is anti-freeze. It is used for skin glide and is a solvent which helps cream to be easily absorbed through the skin. In high concentrations it's been linked to fatal depression of the nervous system in babies. It is officially considered safe up to 500% concentration levels. Other ingredients, like parafidium liquidium (or liquid paraffin) can cause sweat rashes and inflammation of the hair follicles.

What The Governments Don't Tell You!

Governments know that the chemicals, pesticides and herbicides which they allow into our food and cosmetics are killing us. They have the proof; the evidence is there. Various experts, scientists and toxicologists have concluded the environmental and occupational causes of cancer. Researchers from The University of Massachusetts, Lowell researched this in 2006, "The study [was] initiated by CHE's Cancer Working Group to summarize scientific evidence documenting associations between environmental and occupational exposures and certain cancers in the United States. The study, Environmental and Occupational Causes of Cancer: A Review of Recent Scientific Evidence, documents that dozens of preventable environmental and occupational exposures are linked to nearly 30 types of cancer. It is the first ever summary of this massive body of material in one, accessible document. The study shows that many cancer cases and deaths are caused or contributed to by involuntary exposures. These include: bladder cancer from the primary solvent used in dry cleaning, breast cancer from endocrine disruptors like bisphenol-A and other plastics components, lung cancer from residential exposure to radon, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma from solvent and herbicide exposure, and childhood leukaemia from pesticides."

Certain studies have also proved that our children are more susceptible to toxic poisoning because their brains, nervous, and immune systems are all still forming and are more likely to contain more toxins in their bloodstream. Please Contact Natalie for more information on damaging chemicals most commonly found to be present in children.

There Is Something We Can Do!

Take responsibility of what we bring into our homes and gardens. Read the labels of the products we buy and watch what we put onto our skin and that of our family's.